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album a book with blank pages or empty pockets in which a collection can be placed. An album can hold photographs, stamps, or mementos. [1/2 definitions]
almanac a book of interesting and useful facts about many different subjects. [2 definitions]
appendix a section at the end of a book or magazine article that gives more information. [1/2 definitions]
article a piece of writing on a particular subject that appears in a newspaper, magazine, or book. [1/4 definitions]
atlas a book of maps, tables, or charts. [1/2 definitions]
author the writer of a book, play, story, or other written work.
Bible (l.c.) any book or text that is considered authoritative or official. [1/3 definitions]
booklet a small book with paper covers; pamphlet.
bookmark a strip of leather, ribbon, or paper placed between pages to mark a place in a book.
call number a series of numbers or numbers and letters used to locate a book in a library.
caption the words that describe a picture or graph in a magazine, book, or newspaper.
catalog an organized list of things such as book titles, goods for sale, or other items. Catalogs usually give a short description of each item on the list. [2 definitions]
chapter one of the main parts of a book. Chapters are usually numbered or given a title. [1/2 definitions]
come out to be published or brought out, as a book. [1/5 definitions]
comic (plural) one or more series of cartoons, or a book, magazine, or newspaper section that contains such series. [1/3 definitions]
comic book a book or magazine that contains a series of cartoons that tell a story. Some comic books tell funny stories, but many comic books are about adventure, love, or other things.
content1 (usually plural) the topics or chapters in a book or other written work. [1/4 definitions]
cookbook a book of recipes, directions for cooking, and other information about food.
cross reference a reference from one part of a book, index, or file to another part that contains additional or related information.
cross-reference to give a reference to in a book or other written work.
diary a book for recording such events. [1/2 definitions]