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basin an open, shallow bowl used to hold water for washing. [1/2 definitions]
bowl1 the amount a bowl holds. [1/5 definitions]
concave curved inward like the inside of a bowl. (Cf. convex.)
crater a hollow area shaped like the inside of a bowl. The mouth of a volcano is a crater, and the moon has many craters on its surface.
dish a container for serving or holding food, such as a plate or bowl. [2/4 definitions]
kettledrum a large, deep drum that is shaped like a bowl and played with soft mallets.
ladle a spoon with a long handle and a deep bowl used for serving liquids such as soup or punch. [1/2 definitions]
mixing bowl a bowl in which things can be combined when preparing food. Mixing bowls come in various sizes.
mortar1 a heavy bowl in which things are ground or pounded into powder with a tool called a pestle.
pestle a tool used for grinding or pounding substances into powder in a bowl called a mortar.
pipe1 a tube made up of a bowl and a hollow stem and used for smoking. [1/6 definitions]
scoop a tool with a short handle attached to a deep, curved bowl, used to take up food or grain. [2/6 definitions]
spoon a tool with a small, shallow bowl at the end of a handle, used for eating, stirring, serving, or measuring. [1/3 definitions]
toilet a bowl that is filled with water and that has a seat and a drain. A toilet is used for receiving and disposing of human waste. [1/2 definitions]