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broaden to make or become broad or broader.
generalize to come to a broad idea or rule about something after considering particular facts. [1/3 definitions]
hardwood any of several types of trees with strong, hard wood and broad leaves. Oak, cherry, and mahogany are all hardwoods. [1/2 definitions]
kimono a long, Japanese garment that has wide sleeves and a broad sash.
molar1 a large tooth located in the back of the mouth, with a broad biting surface used for grinding food.
moth an insect that has broad wings and flies mostly at night. Moths look like butterflies, but they usually have thicker bodies and bushy antennae and are less colorful. [1/2 definitions]
mulberry any of several shade trees that have broad leaves and berrylike fruits. [1/3 definitions]
narrow not wide or broad. [1/6 definitions]
ray2 a fish with a flat body and a skeleton made of cartilage. Rays have broad fins and long, narrow tails.
screen the broad, flat surface on a television or computer on which you see images. [1/7 definitions]
sheet1 a thin, broad surface. [1/3 definitions]
slice a broad and flat piece of a larger object. Slices may also be shaped like wedges. [1/6 definitions]
sling1 a broad piece of cloth that is tied around the neck to support an injured arm or hand. [1/4 definitions]
stingray a broad, flat fish that has a long tail with a poisonous spine on it. Stingrays are a kind of ray. Their tails can cause severe wounds.
trowel a hand tool with a broad, curved blade used for digging dirt in a garden. [1/2 definitions]
yawn to open wide so as to make a broad or deep space. [1/3 definitions]