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broom a device for sweeping. A broom has a bundle of straw or a brush attached to the end of a long handle.
brush1 a tool made of stiff hairs or bristles that have been fastened to a handle. A brush is used for grooming, painting, or scrubbing. [4/6 definitions]
graze2 to touch or brush lightly in passing. [1/4 definitions]
groom to wipe down, brush, and care for. [1/4 definitions]
paintbrush a brush used to put paint on something.
stroke to touch or brush gently with the hand or a brush. [1/6 definitions]
sweep to clear of dirt or dust by using a broom or brush. [3/10 definitions]
toothbrush a brush with a short, narrow head and a long handle used to clean the teeth.
whisk to brush off or carry off with, or as though with, a quick, light sweep of the hand or a brush. [1/2 definitions]