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clove2 one of the small plant bulbs formed from the main bulb.
hourglass an instrument used to measure time that sends sand through a narrow opening between two larger glass bulbs. It takes exactly one hour for the sand to pass from one bulb to the other.
hyacinth a plant that bears tall stalks of colorful flowers that have a sweet smell. The hyacinth grows from a bulb and is related to the lily.
leek a plant related to the onion. It has wide, green leaves and a long white bulb.
lily a plant that grows from a bulb and has large flowers shaped like bells or trumpets. [1/3 definitions]
narcissus a kind of plant that has yellow or white flowers and long, thin leaves. The narcissus grows from a bulb planted in the soil. Its flowers are shaped like a tube. [1/3 definitions]
onion a round bulb with a sharp taste and smell. Onions are used in cooking and as a flavoring. [1/2 definitions]
tulip a plant that grows from a bulb. Tulips have large leaves shaped like lances and flowers that are shaped like cups. [2 definitions]
vacuum a space or container from which most of the air has been removed. Outer space and the inside of a light bulb are examples of vacuums. [1/4 definitions]