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belch to release gas from the stomach through the mouth in a noisy burst; burp. [1/3 definitions]
blow2 to burst or stop working from being filled or used too much. [1/7 definitions]
break to burst or collapse. [1/19 definitions]
bust2 (informal) to break or burst. [1/4 definitions]
erupt to break or burst out suddenly. [1/2 definitions]
explode to burst because of too much pressure inside. [3 definitions]
flame to burst into or produce flames; burn. [1/4 definitions]
flash a sudden burst of feelings, talent, or understanding. [1/7 definitions]
flush1 a sudden burst of feeling. [1/7 definitions]
gust a sudden burst of emotion. [1/2 definitions]
pop1 to burst open or explode with such a sound. [2/9 definitions]
puff a short, strong burst of breath, air, smoke, or steam. [1/8 definitions]
rash2 a sudden burst of many of the same types of events happening in a short period of time. [1/2 definitions]
sneeze to let out a sudden, involuntary burst of air through the mouth and nose. [1/2 definitions]
spurt to have a sudden and short burst in speed, amount, or degree. [2/5 definitions]
volley a burst of words or acts done together. [1/4 definitions]