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button something that looks like a button, such as a round badge. [1/5 definitions]
buttonhole a small slit in a piece of clothing through which a button can be fastened. [1/2 definitions]
click in computing, the act of pressing and releasing the button on a mouse. [2/7 definitions]
double-click to press the button of a computer mouse two times very quickly.
drag to move (something) from one place to another on a computer screen by clicking on the object and holding down the mouse button while moving it. [1/6 definitions]
hang up to end a telephone call by pressing a button or putting the telephone down in the part that holds it. [1/3 definitions]
insignia a badge, button, medal, or mark that indicates membership in a certain group.
jukebox a machine that holds many different records or CDs and plays music when money is put in. By pushing a button, the song that is chosen will play.
key1 a button or part of a machine or musical instrument that makes it work when pressed. [1/6 definitions]
stud1 a small button that is put through a hole to fasten an article of clothing. [1/5 definitions]
vending machine a machine that sells small things such as candy bars or soft drinks. It is operated by putting money into a slot and pressing a button.