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bakery a store in which baked goods, such as bread, cake, and pastry, are made or sold.
batter2 a thick mixture of liquid, flour, eggs, and other ingredients, often baked into bread or cake.
biscuit the British word for a small, thin, sweet cake baked from stiff dough. "Biscuit" often has the same meaning as "cookie." [2/3 definitions]
brownie a small square of chocolate cake that is rich and chewy. [1/3 definitions]
cookie a small, sweet, flat or ball-shaped cake baked from stiff dough.
cupcake a little cake for one person. Cupcakes are baked in a mold that has the size and shape of a cup.
cylinder a solid figure with a shape similar to that of a can, a round flat cake, or a round tube with closed ends. A cylinder has parallel circular faces joined by one curved face.
doughnut a small, sweet cake shaped like a ring, that has been fried in deep fat.
flapjack a flat cake made of batter and cooked in a pan; pancake.
frost to put frosting on a cake or other baked goods; ice. [1/5 definitions]
gingerbread a type of cake or cookie flavored with ginger and molasses.
loaf1 a mass of bread or cake baked in one piece. [1/2 definitions]
muffin a small roll that is similar to a cake but usually less sweet. Muffins are usually shaped like a cupcake and often contain nuts or bits of fruit. Muffins are a single serving and are often eaten warm or toasted.
pancake a flat round cake of batter fried on both sides in a frying pan or a griddle.
past tense a form of a verb that shows that something happened in the past or that a condition existed in the past. In the sentence, "We baked a cake," "baked" is in the past tense.
patty a small, flat, round cake of ground meat or other food. [2 definitions]
tea the British word for a light afternoon meal of tea and sandwiches, cake, or biscuits. [1/5 definitions]
waffle1 a flat cake cooked in a device that leaves a pattern of squares on the cake.