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acute very serious; very important; critical. [1/4 definitions]
calorie a unit for measuring the amount of energy that a food can produce when taken into the body. The more calories something has, the more energy it can provide for the body.(abbreviated: Cal.)
economize to spend less money; lower expenses; be economical.
impractical not useful or wise to do; not practical. [1/2 definitions]
insincere showing false or dishonest feelings or opinions; hypocritical.
irrational not based on reason or logic; illogical. [1/2 definitions]
long distance telephone service that is not local.
material of or relating to matter; physical. [1/4 definitions]
must1 used to express, with certainty, some opinion or thought that is based just on what seems logical. [1/4 definitions]
realistic tending to see things as they really are; practical. [1/2 definitions]
rhythmic having a rhythm; relating to rhythm; rhythmical.
romantic a person who is romantic or is too sentimental and not practical. [1/4 definitions]