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claim to need or call for. [1/5 definitions]
command to draw out or call for; to capture. [1/7 definitions]
gavel a small wooden hammer. It is used by a judge or someone in charge of a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
grouse1 a plump game bird with dull, spotted feathers. The male does a complicated dance or call for the female.
hello a word used as a greeting, statement of surprise, or call for attention. [1/2 definitions]
knocker a metal piece with a hinge that is attached to the outside of a door. A knocker is used to call for those inside.
Mayday the international radiotelephone distress signal, used by ships and aircraft in need of help.
muster to gather up or call forth from within oneself (often followed by "up"). [1/4 definitions]
plea a serious or sincere call for help; appeal. [1/2 definitions]
SOS a call for help from a ship that is in trouble. SOS is an abbreviation for save our ship.