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bask to lie in a warm, calm place.
calm to become calm (usually followed by "down"). [1/6 definitions]
collect to make oneself calm, especially after being upset or disturbed. [1/5 definitions]
compose to make (oneself) calm or ready. [1/3 definitions]
cool calm and controlled. [1/9 definitions]
even steady; calm. [1/12 definitions]
hush a calm or silence after noise stops. [1/5 definitions]
level calm, even, and steady. [1/10 definitions]
lull to calm or cause to sleep. [2 definitions]
mild gentle or calm. [1/3 definitions]
pacify to calm or bring back peace of mind to.
patience the ability to stay calm when there is a delay. [1/2 definitions]
peace a state of quiet or calm. [1/3 definitions]
peaceful quiet; calm. [1/2 definitions]
placid calm, smooth, or peaceful.
poise the ability to act in a calm and confident manner. [1/4 definitions]
quiet making one calm or peaceful. [1/8 definitions]
rest1 a time of calm and quiet after work or activity; break. [1/12 definitions]
serene free from trouble; calm.
settle1 to make calm. [2/9 definitions]
silence to make silent, calm, or still. [1/3 definitions]