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aperture an opening that controls the amount of light that reaches the lens on a camera. [1/2 definitions]
camcorder a portable video recording device that includes a camera and a videocassette recorder in one unit.
camera a device for taking photographs. A camera is a closed box with a small hole that allows light to reach the film inside. The light makes images on the film.
cartridge a special container made to hold film so that it is easy to load into a camera. [1/3 definitions]
cassette a case with film, audio tape, or video tape inside. Cassettes make it easy to load a camera or recorder.
film to photograph with a movie camera or other video recording device. [1/5 definitions]
lens a number of such pieces connected together in a camera or telescope. [1/3 definitions]
photograph a picture made by using a camera that records an image on a surface that is sensitive to light. [1/2 definitions]
shutter a device that opens and closes the lens of a camera. The shutter opens to let light onto the film when a picture is taken. [1/2 definitions]
snap a photograph taken with an ordinary camera; snapshot. [1/15 definitions]
snapshot a photograph taken with a small, ordinary camera.
tripod a stand with three legs used to support a camera or telescope.