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brittle a candy made in sheets containing sugar and nuts. [1/2 definitions]
butterscotch a candy made from butter and brown sugar.
candy bar a candy in the shape of a bar, often made of chocolate or of chocolate with other ingredients such as caramel, nuts, or coconut.
caramel a soft candy with the color and flavor of burnt sugar. [1/2 definitions]
carob the pod of this tree, used to make drinks and candy that taste like chocolate. [1/2 definitions]
chocolate a food substance that is made from ground cacao seeds. Chocolate is not sweet, but it is often used in candy and other sweet foods. It is also used in making certain kinds of sauces. [3/6 definitions]
chocolate bar a candy bar made mostly with chocolate.
cough drop a medication in the form of a small piece of hard candy, used for soothing a cough or sore throat.
drugstore a store that sells medicine. Drugstores often also sell candy, cosmetics, magazines, and other things.
fudge1 a soft candy or frosting made by cooking sugar with butter and other ingredients, such as chocolate and nuts.
gumdrop a small candy that is like a firm jelly and coated with sugar.
kiss a small piece of candy, often chocolate. [1/3 definitions]
licorice a candy flavored with licorice. [1/3 definitions]
lollipop a piece of hard candy attached to the end of a small stick.
lozenge a small piece of hard candy that contains medicine. A lozenge is held in the mouth and sucked to ease a sore throat or cough.
marshmallow a soft, spongy candy.
mint1 a candy that is flavored with mint. [1/2 definitions]
patty a piece of candy shaped like a small, flat round cake. [1/2 definitions]
peppermint a kind of mint plant that has small pink or white flowers and is grown for its oil. Peppermint is used in medicine and as a flavoring for toothpaste, gum, and candy. [2/3 definitions]
Saint Valentine's Day a holiday that celebrates love and friendship. Saint Valentine's Day occurs on February 14 of each year. On this day, people often give special cards, candy, flowers, or other nice things to people they care about; Valentine's Day.
sweet (often plural) food with a sweet taste, such as candy or cookies. [2/7 definitions]