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beret a soft, round, flat cap with a snug headband. A beret does not have a visor.
cap1 anything shaped like a cap that is used to cover an opening, such as a top for a bottle or tube. [1/5 definitions]
mushroom a fungus with a stalk and a cap that looks like a small umbrella. Some kinds of mushrooms can be eaten; other kinds are poisonous. Mushrooms live in damp places and are the fruiting bodies of certain kinds of fungi. [1/3 definitions]
nipple a rubber cap on a baby's bottle. [1/2 definitions]
peak the front part of a cap that sticks out. [1/3 definitions]
top1 a cover, cap, or lid placed over or on something. [1/11 definitions]
tube a small, soft container that is sealed at one end and closed with a cap on the other end. The contents of such a tube are removed by squeezing. [1/3 definitions]
visor a brim that sticks out from the front of a cap or hat and shades the eyes. [1/3 definitions]