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-able a suffix that means capable or worthy of being the object of a certain action. [1/3 definitions]
applicable relevant or appropriate to a given situation; capable of being applied.
arable capable of being farmed.
communicable capable of being spread or passed on; contagious.
competent having the skill to do something; capable.
crunchy making or capable of making a crunching sound, especially when chewed.
fertilize to make more capable of producing new plants or stronger plants by adding natural or chemical substances. [1/3 definitions]
fluid capable of flowing; like a fluid. [1/2 definitions]
frightening causing or capable of causing great fear or anxiety; scary.
grasp to take hold of with a hand or other thing that is capable of holding. [1/4 definitions]
hard disk a rigid, magnetized disk built into a computer that is capable of storing a large amount of data.
incurable not capable of being cured.
instant needing only water, milk, or the like to be ready to eat or drink; capable of being prepared quickly. [1/4 definitions]
natural without any changes that humans are capable of making, especially through the use of science and technology. [1/7 definitions]
possible capable of being, happening, being done, or being used. [2 definitions]
reasonable capable of sensible behavior and clear thinking. [1/4 definitions]
reliable capable of being trusted or relied on; dependable.
streetcar an electrically powered vehicle that runs along rails over city streets and is capable of carrying many passengers.
sustainable capable of continuing or or being kept up over time. [1/2 definitions]
up to capable of; equal to the task of. [1/7 definitions]
werewolf in folklore, a human who has changed into or is capable of changing into a wolf and back into a human again.