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buoyancy the capacity to float or rise to the top in a liquid or gas.
bushel1 in the UK, a unit of capacity of measure equal to 4 pecks, 36.37 liters, or 2,219.360 cubic inches. [1/2 definitions]
gigabyte 1,073,741,824 bytes. The capacity of a computer's hard drive is often measured in gigabytes. The abbreviation for gigabyte is G or GB.
inspector one who inspects, often in an official capacity. [1/2 definitions]
liter the basic unit of capacity of the metric system, equal to 1.056 liquid quarts or 0.908 dry quarts. (abbreviated: l)
measuring cup a specially designed cup used in cooking for measuring ingredients. Some measuring cups are designed to hold one specific amount of an ingredient such as a half cup, third cup, or quarter cup. Many large measuring cups are marked to show different levels of capacity.
ounce1 a unit of capacity equal to one sixteenth of a pint or 29.57 milliliters; fluid ounce. [1/3 definitions]