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carbon dioxide a gas without color or odor that is made up of carbon and oxygen. Carbon dioxide is in the air and is used in soft drinks. Frozen carbon dioxide is called dry ice.
climate change a major change in Earth's climate that is of current concern and which is associated with an increase in carbon dioxide and certain other gases in Earth's atmosphere. These gases contribute to the increasing temperature of the planet. [1/2 definitions]
greenhouse effect the warming of the earth's surface that takes place when heat from the sun is held in by the earth's atmosphere. The greenhouse effect can be caused by too much carbon dioxide being released into the air from the burning of fossil fuels.
limestone a rock formed mostly from shells and other animal remains. Limestone is used in building and in making cement, lime, and carbon dioxide.
lung one of two organs in the chest that are used in breathing. Lungs are found in mammals, birds, reptiles, and some other animals. They bring oxygen to the body and get rid of carbon dioxide.
photosynthesis the process by which a green plant uses sunlight to change water and carbon dioxide into food for itself.
soda a drink made with a sweet flavoring and water that contains carbon dioxide. [2/3 definitions]
soda water water filled with carbon dioxide. It is used to mix and drink.