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accurate careful and precise. [1/2 definitions]
analysis a careful study of the parts of something in order to understand more about the whole. [1/2 definitions]
aware knowing or careful (usually followed by "of").
beware to be careful or wary (often used imperatively).
carefully in a careful or cautious manner; with care.
careless not paying close attention; not careful or watchful. [1/2 definitions]
caution close attention and care; the act of being careful and alert. [1/3 definitions]
cautious taking care to avoid danger or trouble; careful.
close careful or thorough. [1/14 definitions]
conclusion an opinion reached after careful thinking. [1/2 definitions]
conscientious careful; precise.
consideration careful attention or thought. [1/3 definitions]
deliberate to think about an issue or question in a careful and thorough way, sometimes by discussing them with others. [1/3 definitions]
diplomatic careful not to anger people or hurt their feelings. [1/2 definitions]
economy the careful use of money, resources, and means of production. [1/2 definitions]
estimate to make a careful guess about the amount, size, or worth of. [2 definitions]
estimated resulting from a careful guess rather than exact counting or calculation.
estimation a careful guess or opinion based on experience and information.
evaluation a careful study of something in order to judge it or measure it. [1/2 definitions]
frugal likely to try to save money; careful with spending. [1/2 definitions]
heed careful notice or attention. [1/2 definitions]