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apprehension the act of catching and arresting. [1/3 definitions]
bait to put bait on or in for the purposes of trapping or catching. [1/4 definitions]
bounty a reward or payment for catching outlaws or killing certain kinds of wild animals. [1/2 definitions]
catch an act of catching. [1/13 definitions]
chase1 to follow with the goal of catching; run after. [1/3 definitions]
fishing the method, pastime, or occupation of catching or trying to catch fish.
fishing pole any long slender pole that is used in catching fish. A long line, often made of nylon, is loosely attached to the pole. This line has a hook attached to it on one end.
fishing rod a long thin pole with a line, hook, and often a reel that is used for catching fish.
juggle to keep in motion in the air while tossing and catching. [1/3 definitions]
net1 something made of such a fabric and used for catching fish, butterflies, and other animals. [1/4 definitions]
overtake to pass by after catching up with. [1/3 definitions]
pelican a large water bird that lives in warm areas. It has a pouch in the lower half of its long bill for catching and holding fish.
sail a large piece of cloth that is attached to a boat. Sails move boats forward by catching the wind. [1/11 definitions]
snare1 a trap for catching small animals and birds. Snares usually have a noose. [1/2 definitions]
touchdown the act of scoring six points in football by catching or carrying the ball behind the opponent's goal line. [1/2 definitions]
trap1 a device for catching, holding, and often killing wild animals. [1/5 definitions]