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bluefish a fish that lives in mild Atlantic waters of the North and South American coast. Bluefish are blue and are caught for sport or food.
catch a thing or the amount that is caught. [1/13 definitions]
complete a forward pass in football that has been caught by a player of the same team. [1/6 definitions]
escape to get away; avoid being caught or harmed. [1/5 definitions]
Frisbee a trade name for a thin plastic disk that is thrown and caught in outdoor games.
game wild animals, such as deer and rabbits, that can be caught and used as food. [1/5 definitions]
get away with to avoid being caught or punished for doing something.
hitch1 to be caught, fastened, or tangled in. [1/6 definitions]
lodge to be or become caught or stuck in a certain position. [1/7 definitions]
prey an animal that is hunted or caught for food, usually by another animal. Certain plants catch prey as well. [1/6 definitions]
pterodactyl a flying reptile that lived at the same time as dinosaurs. Pterodactyls had wings covered with skin. Some were huge and glided over the oceans and caught fish. They became extinct over sixty-five million years ago.
run down to chase until caught. [1/2 definitions]
stick2 to be or become set or caught and unable to move. [1/10 definitions]
trout a fish that usually lives in fresh water. Some sea trout live in the ocean but lay eggs in fresh water. Trout are related to salmon, have spots on their bodies, and are caught for food or sport.