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anniversary the celebration of such an event. [1/2 definitions]
bonfire a large fire built outside for celebration or warmth.
deck to dress or decorate in a fancy way for a special event or celebration. [1/4 definitions]
festival a ceremony or celebration that repeats, often once a year, and involves special activities or amusements. A festival is held in honor of a special event, group, or person and often has its roots in religion. [1/2 definitions]
festive of, relating to, or intended for a feast or celebration. [1/2 definitions]
festivity a celebration; festival. [2 definitions]
fiesta a festival or religious celebration in nations where Spanish is spoken.
gala a happy celebration, especially a large, elaborate one.
garland a wreath, chain, or string worn for celebration or decoration. Garlands are made of flowers, leaves, or vines.
occasion a special event; celebration. [1/3 definitions]
parade a public procession of people, marching bands, or vehicles in front of spectators as part of a celebration or ceremony. [1/3 definitions]