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accuse to blame for or charge with a crime or something wrong.
acquit to free from a charge of breaking the law; declare not guilty.
administer to manage, take care of, or be in charge of. [1/3 definitions]
administration the act of being in charge of or managing something. [2/3 definitions]
bishop a clergyman who holds a high position in certain Christian churches. A bishop is often in charge of a group of churches. [1/2 definitions]
case1 a charge or complaint against someone that is investigated in a court of law; a lawsuit. [1/5 definitions]
chairman a man who is in charge of a meeting or committee.
chairperson a person who is in charge of a meeting or committee.
charge the amount of electricity in an object. Charge causes electrical energy to flow in a current. The movement of electrical energy from one point to another is caused by a difference between the charges at the two points. An electrical charge can be positive or negative. [1/12 definitions]
chef a cook in charge of a hotel or restaurant kitchen.
complain to make a formal charge against someone or something. [1/2 definitions]
complaint a formal charge or accusation. [1/3 definitions]
complimentary free of charge. [1/2 definitions]
contractor a person who signs an agreement to carry out a particular job at a certain price and also to supply necessary things for the job. A contractor often hires, supervises, and pays other people to help or to do the work. A person in charge of building or repairing a house is often a contractor.
debit to subtract or charge with an amount owed. [1/2 definitions]
electron a very small particle that moves outside the nucleus of an atom. Electrons have a negative charge.
freeware software that is given away for no charge by its author. People may use the software but not sell it.
gavel a small wooden hammer. It is used by a judge or someone in charge of a meeting or auction to get attention, call for order, or signal a sale.
ion an atom or group of atoms that has an electrical charge.
lead1 to command or direct; take charge of. [1/13 definitions]
leaflet a printed piece of paper that is usually given to people free of charge. It contains information or advertisements and is often folded. [1/2 definitions]