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bright lively; cheerful. [1/5 definitions]
buoyant lighthearted or cheerful. [1/2 definitions]
carefree having nothing to worry about; free of cares or serious thoughts; cheerful.
exhilarate to make very cheerful. [1/2 definitions]
gaiety the state of being happy and cheerful.
gaily in a cheerful or happy way.
genial cheerful and friendly. [1/2 definitions]
good-natured having or showing a pleasant, cheerful, or friendly character or mood.
good will cheerful agreement. [1/2 definitions]
jolly cheerful, full of fun, and merry.
jovial very cheerful, friendly, and merry; jolly.
light2 happy or cheerful; spirited. [1/4 definitions]
lighthearted cheerful or gay; carefree.
merry cheerful and happy, or likely to be so.
playful cheerful and having a lot of energy. [1/2 definitions]
sunny cheerful; bright. [1/3 definitions]
unhappy not glad or cheerful; sad; full of gloom. [1/2 definitions]