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bib a piece of cloth tied under the chin. A bib is worn by babies to protect the clothing during a meal. [1/2 definitions]
bonnet a cloth hat that is fastened beneath the chin with ribbons. Bonnets were once worn by women but are now worn mainly by babies. [1/2 definitions]
chin to pull up from a hanging position to an overhead bar until the chin is level with the bar. [1/2 definitions]
chuck1 a light tap, especially under the chin. [1/5 definitions]
face the front part of the head from the forehead to the chin and from ear to ear. [1/8 definitions]
feature a part of the face such as the eyes, nose, or chin. [1/4 definitions]
goatee a small pointed beard on a man's chin that looks like the beard of a goat.
violin a musical instrument with four strings and no frets. It is held between the chin and shoulder and is played with a bow.
whisker (usually plural) hair growing on the upper lip, cheeks, and chin. [1/2 definitions]