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all-American chosen as one of the best players in the United States in a particular sport. [1/2 definitions]
assignment a position for which one is chosen. [1/3 definitions]
cardinal an official of the Roman Catholic Church who is chosen by the pope and is second in rank to him. [1/3 definitions]
choice the thing or person chosen. [1/5 definitions]
commission a group of people chosen to perform a certain task. [1/7 definitions]
committee a group of persons chosen to give attention to a particular matter.
delegate a person who is chosen to speak or act for others. [1/3 definitions]
delegation a group of people chosen to speak or act for others.
designated hitter a member of an American League baseball team who is chosen at the beginning of a game to bat in place of the pitcher.
draw straws to choose one person from several by having each choose a partly covered straw, with the shortest straw indicating the chosen person.
eligible qualified for something; in a position to be chosen.
finalist a person or team chosen to take part in the final game or contest of a series.
guardian an adult chosen by law to be responsible for the care and protection of a child or a person who cannot care for himself or herself. [1/2 definitions]
jukebox a machine that holds many different records or CDs and plays music when money is put in. By pushing a button, the song that is chosen will play.
lottery a game of chance in which people buy or are given tickets with numbers on them and the winning number is chosen at random.
multiple-choice of a test or quiz, listing for each question several possible answers from which the correct one is to be chosen.
option something that is or may be chosen. [1/2 definitions]
pick1 something or someone chosen. [1/9 definitions]
preview a showing of a film, play, or work of art for a chosen audience before the public sees it. [1/2 definitions]
reelect to be chosen again by means of voting; to elect again.
reflex a response or reaction of the body that is not chosen or controlled by conscious thought. A reflex occurs when the nervous system reacts to a stimulus. [1/3 definitions]