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altar boy a young male person who assists the clergy in religious services; acolyte.
altar girl a girl who is trained to help the priest during church worship services.
baptism a Christian ceremony in which someone who wishes to join the church is sprinkled with water or dipped in water.
baptize to perform the Christian ceremony of dipping in or sprinkling with water as a symbol of becoming a member of the church. [1/2 definitions]
belfry a tower of a church or other building in which a bell is hung; bell tower.
cardinal an official of the Roman Catholic Church who is chosen by the pope and is second in rank to him. [1/3 definitions]
cathedral the main church of a bishop's district. [2 definitions]
catholic (capitalized) having to do with the Roman Catholic Church. [2 definitions]
Christian a member of a Christian church. [1/4 definitions]
confirmation a ceremony that makes a person a member of a church or other religious organization. [1/3 definitions]
congregation the members of a church or other religious organization. [1/2 definitions]
deacon a member of certain Christian churches who has a set of church duties but is not a member of the clergy. [1/2 definitions]
holy devoted to the church, to God, or to religion. [1/3 definitions]
hymnal a book of church hymns.
loft a balcony in a church or other public building. [1/3 definitions]
missionary a person who is sent by a church or religious order to a foreign country to teach, convert, heal, or serve.
Mormon a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. [2 definitions]
parish a district of a Christian religion that has its own church and priest or minister.
parochial having to do with or in a church parish.
parson a pastor in a Protestant church; minister.
pastor a minister or priest in charge of a church or congregation.