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arctic (often capitalized) the region around the North Pole and inside the Arctic Circle. [1/3 definitions]
around in a circle. [2/12 definitions]
ball bearing a machine part made of a groove in the shape of a circle with metal balls that roll in it. A ball bearing lets an axle or other part move easily.
bull's-eye the center of a round target, usually marked with a small circle. [1/2 definitions]
chord1 a line that connects two points on a circle.
circle anything that is shaped like a circle. [3/5 definitions]
circular having the shape of a circle; round. [2/3 definitions]
circumference the line that forms the outside edge of a circle or other round figure or area. [1/2 definitions]
cone a solid figure with a flat base in the shape of a circle and one curved face that narrows into a point. [1/3 definitions]
crane a machine with a tall arm that can move up and down or around in a circle to lift and move heavy objects. [1/3 definitions]
crank a device that moves things in a circle. Cranks have a lever attached at a right angle to the end of an arm that moves in a circle. Cranks are turned by hand or by another arm that connects to the lever. [1/4 definitions]
cycle a circle of events that repeats in a regular pattern. [1/3 definitions]
diameter a straight line from one side of a circle or sphere to the other that passes through the center. [2/3 definitions]
ellipse a shape that looks like a flattened circle; oval.
encircle to form a circle around; surround.
equator the imaginary circle around the earth that is halfway between the North and South Poles.
full moon the moon when it is on the side of Earth that is opposite the sun and looks from Earth like a complete circle. [1/2 definitions]
graph a diagram that shows a relationship between two or more changing things by lines, bars, dots, or portions of a circle. [1/2 definitions]
halo a circle of light shining around the head of a god, an angel, or a saint in a picture. [2 definitions]
hurricane a powerful storm with heavy rains and winds that blow in a circle at 73 miles per hour or more. Hurricanes usually form in the West Indian region of the Atlantic Ocean.
iris the colored circle around the pupil of the eye. [1/2 definitions]