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adobe a building material of clay mixed with straw that has been dried by the sun and made into bricks. [1/2 definitions]
brick a hard block of dried or baked clay used as a building material. [1/2 definitions]
cement a powder made of clay and limestone that becomes hard when water is added. Cement is used as a building material. [1/3 definitions]
ceramic of or having to do with objects made of baked clay.
clod a lump of earth or clay. [1/2 definitions]
earthen made of clay. [1/2 definitions]
pot1 a deep round container made of metal, glass, or clay, used for cooking food. [2/4 definitions]
pottery plates, bowls, pots, and other items made of clay.
putty a soft mixture that is like clay. It is used to hold panes of glass in windows and to fill small holes and cracks.
silt fine particles of earth, clay, or sand that eventually settle out of water.
tile a flat piece of baked clay or other hard material. Tiles are used to cover floors, walls, or roofs. [2/3 definitions]