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buff1 a stick or wheel covered with a soft cloth or piece of leather, used for cleaning or shining. [1/4 definitions]
cleaning clothing that is taken to a dry-cleaning store instead of being washed at home.
cleanser a liquid or powder used for cleaning.
cotton a soft mass of cotton fibers used especially for cleaning the skin. [1/5 definitions]
dry-cleaning a method of cleaning clothes that uses liquid chemicals instead of water.
floss soft thread used for cleaning between the teeth; dental floss. [1/4 definitions]
freshen up to make oneself feel more comfortable or attractive, as by cleaning oneself.
housewife a married woman whose main work is taking care of the cooking, cleaning, and other duties of her family's household.
housework the work of taking care of a household, especially cleaning inside the house.
laundry a room or business where such cleaning is done. [1/2 definitions]
paper towel a small sheet of absorbent paper that is used mostly in the kitchen as a towel for such things as wiping surfaces or cleaning up spills. Paper towels are usually attached to other paper towels as part of a roll.
pillowcase a cloth cover for a pillow that can be removed for cleaning.
ramrod a rod that fits inside the barrel of a gun. A ramrod is used for pushing gunpowder into the barrel or for cleaning the barrel of the gun.
soap a cleaning substance that is made from fat or oil and comes in the form of a bar, liquid, powder, or flakes. [1/2 definitions]
sponge the light skeleton of some kinds of sponge colonies. People harvest sponges after the animals die and then dry the skeletons. People use sponges for cleaning and bathing. [1/5 definitions]