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alcohol a clear liquid that burns easily and can be made from certain grains and fruits. Alcohol is present in such drinks as beer, wine, and whiskey. It is also used in making medicines and chemicals. [1/2 definitions]
apparent clear to one's understanding; obvious. [1/3 definitions]
articulate able to speak or express oneself in a clear way. [2 definitions]
at loose ends without clear plans or things to do; not sure what to do with oneself; uneasy.
azure the color of a clear blue sky. [1/2 definitions]
blue the color of a clear sky; the color between green and violet on the color spectrum. [1/3 definitions]
blunder to act or move in an awkward way or without clear purpose. [1/3 definitions]
blur to become less clear or harder to see. [1/5 definitions]
bright strong or clear in color or shine. [1/5 definitions]
broad clear, full, or open. [1/3 definitions]
cellophane a thin, clear material made from cellulose. Cellophane is used to wrap food and other things.
cicada a large insect with a stout body and two pairs of thin, clear wings. The male cicada makes a loud, shrill noise.
clang to make a clear, loud sound or ring, such as that made when two heavy metal objects are struck together. [1/2 definitions]
clarify to make easier to understand; make clear.
clarity the state or condition of being clear or being understood. [2 definitions]
clear in a clear way; clearly. [2/14 definitions]
clearly in a clear manner. [1/2 definitions]
cloudy not clear; muddy. [1/2 definitions]
constructive serving to make better or more clear; helpful.
contrast to compare in order to make differences clear. [1/4 definitions]
cornea the clear part of the eyeball's outer coating. The cornea covers the iris and pupil.