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ascend to go upward; climb; rise. [2 definitions]
ascent the act of going up; climb; rise. [1/2 definitions]
clamber to climb with difficulty or in an awkward way, using hands and feet.
gecko a small lizard with soft skin that eats insects. The gecko has a short body and large head and can climb walls and trees. It is found in tropical areas.
ivy any of several plants like this, that climb or grow along the ground. [1/2 definitions]
manhole an opening in a street large enough for a person to climb into to make repairs underneath the street. A manhole is usually covered by a lid.
mount1 to climb. [1/7 definitions]
saddle to climb into a saddle (often followed by "up"). [1/5 definitions]
scale3 to climb up or on top of. [1/6 definitions]
scramble a fast climb or crawl over uneven ground. [1/8 definitions]
shin1 to climb by gripping with the knees and the hands or arms and pulling oneself up. [1/2 definitions]
tree to force to climb up a tree so as to avoid danger. [1/4 definitions]
woodpecker a bird with a hard, pointed bill for making holes in trees to find insects to eat. Their strong claws and stiff tails help them climb trees. Woodpeckers are of many different sizes.
zoom to climb suddenly and sharply. [1/2 definitions]