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alarm the bell or buzzer of an alarm clock. [1/4 definitions]
alarm clock a clock with a bell or buzzer that can be set to sound at a particular time.
analog clock a clock that displays the time using a long hand to show the hour and a short hand to show the minutes.
clock1 to find out the time or speed of, using a clock or watch. [1/2 definitions]
counterclockwise opposite to the direction in which the hands of a clock move.
dial the face of a clock or watch. [1/6 definitions]
digital clock a clock that shows the time as numbers in a row rather than by hands on a dial.
grandfather clock a pendulum clock that is in a tall, narrow cabinet.
hand the pointer of a clock or dial. [1/11 definitions]
needle a long, thin pointer on a clock, meter, or dial. [1/6 definitions]
o'clock of or according to the clock.
say to show on a clock. [1/6 definitions]
tick1 the quiet, clicking sound of a watch or clock. [2/5 definitions]
time a moment or moments as shown on a clock or calendar. [1/15 definitions]