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cirrus a type of cloud that usually appears in the form of strings or threads.
cloud something like a cloud, such as dust or smoke. [1/5 definitions]
cumulus a large, fluffy, white cloud with a flat bottom.
fog a thick mass, like a cloud, made up of tiny water drops floating in the air near the ground; mist. [1/4 definitions]
mist a mass or cloud of tiny water drops in the air. [1/4 definitions]
nebula a cloud of dust or gas found between the stars. A nebula may seem either bright or dark, depending on how it reacts with light.
smoke something that is like this, such as a vapor or cloud. [1/6 definitions]
thundercloud a large, dark storm cloud that makes lightning and thunder. Thunderclouds are charged with electricity.
tornado a storm of very strong winds that form a cloud shaped like a funnel. Although it does not last long, a tornado destroys everything in its path.