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albino a human or animal that is born without normal coloring. Albinos have very pale skin and hair and pink eyes. Plants can also be albinos.
camouflage a way of hiding something by covering or coloring it so that it looks like its surroundings. The military uses camouflage to hide people, buildings, or vehicles from the enemy. [2 definitions]
crayon a colored stick or pencil made of wax. A crayon is used for drawing and coloring. [1/2 definitions]
lipstick a cosmetic for coloring the lips. It usually comes in stick form inside a tube.
margarine a food used in place of butter. Margarine is made of vegetable oil, milk, coloring, and other ingredients.
marking a pattern of marks or coloring on a plant or animal. [1/2 definitions]
paint coloring material used in the art of painting pictures. [1/4 definitions]
pigment a powder that is mixed with oil or water to make paint, ink, or another coloring material. [1/2 definitions]
suntan a dark coloring of the skin as a result of exposure to strong sunlight or a sun lamp.