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attentive paying attention to the needs or comfort of others. [1/2 definitions]
cheer to comfort or make happy (sometimes followed by "up"). [1/6 definitions]
comfortable giving ease or comfort to the body. [1/2 definitions]
console1 to give comfort in time of loss or suffering; make less sad.
convenience something that adds to comfort or ease. [1/2 definitions]
convenient easily used for someone's needs, purposes, or comfort; useful. [1/2 definitions]
cushion a pillow or pad that one sits on or leans on for comfort. Some cushions are used for decoration. [1/4 definitions]
haven a place of safety, shelter, or comfort. [1/2 definitions]
luxurious giving great comfort or pleasure.
luxury a way of living that is full of great pleasure and comfort. [1/2 definitions]
pad1 a piece of soft material used as cushioning for protection or comfort. [1/7 definitions]
plush full of comfort and luxury. [1/3 definitions]
refuge anything a person turns to for comfort or help. [1/2 definitions]
soothe to make less angry, pained, or distressed; calm or comfort. [1/2 definitions]