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be used to introduce a command to act in a certain way. [1/8 definitions]
behold look or observe (used as a command or exclamation). [1/2 definitions]
bid to direct; command. [1/4 definitions]
control to use power to manage or command. [1/6 definitions]
direct to control by giving orders; command. [1/9 definitions]
direction an order or command. [1/4 definitions]
exclamation point a punctuation mark (!) used after an exclamation, interjection, or command; exclamation mark.
fleet1 a group of navy ships under one command. [1/2 definitions]
halt1 used as a command to stop. "Halt!" is often used to direct marching troops or to stop a person from going into a particular area. [1/4 definitions]
headquarters the place or center of command of a military unit or police force. [1/2 definitions]
instruct to order or direct; command. [1/2 definitions]
lead1 to command or direct; take charge of. [1/13 definitions]
mandate the command or message given to an elected official by the votes of the people. [2/3 definitions]
must1 used to command or suggest. [1/4 definitions]
obey to follow or carry out the command, instruction, or wishes of. [1/3 definitions]
officer a person who has the power to command and lead others in the armed forces. [1/3 definitions]
order a direction or command. [2/10 definitions]
SAC abbreviation of "Strategic Air Command."
tell to command. [1/7 definitions]
whistle to signal or give a command by such a sound or sounds. [2/9 definitions]
word a signal or command. [1/6 definitions]