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battle a contest or competition. [1/4 definitions]
competitive having to do with or decided by competition. [1/2 definitions]
contest a race or game that people try to win to get a prize; competition. [1/4 definitions]
debate a kind of competition between two people or two teams who disagree on particular issue or set of issues. Each side is given certain amounts of time in which they can talk and present their argument. When one side talks, the other side must be quiet. A debate like this is done in front of an audience. [1/4 definitions]
judge a person who decides the winner in a contest or competition. [1/6 definitions]
jury a group of people formed to judge a contest or competition. [1/2 definitions]
race1 any process in which the goal is to do something sooner or more quickly than others; competition. [1/7 definitions]
trainer a person who trains people or horses so they are strong and ready for competition.
win a victory in a race, contest, or other competition. [1/4 definitions]