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accessory an item added on to something else to make it prettier, more complete, or more useful. [1/2 definitions]
accomplish to do or complete; carry out; achieve. [1/2 definitions]
all- a prefix that means in a complete or total way.
almighty having complete power or the most power. [1/2 definitions]
amnesia partial or complete loss of memory as a result of an injury to the brain, illness, or shock.
anarchy a complete lack of government or law within a country or society. [1/2 definitions]
assist a play that helps another team member complete a play, such as a goal in soccer. [1/2 definitions]
auxiliary verb a verb used with a main verb to complete the main verb's meaning. Some examples of auxiliary verbs are "have" in "I have escaped" and "should" in "You should go."
beyond the shadow of a doubt with complete certainty; indeed.
cap1 to finish or complete. [1/5 definitions]
chaos a state, condition, or place of complete confusion or disorder.
complement to go well with, complete, or perfect. [1/2 definitions]
conclude to bring to an end; finish or complete. [1/2 definitions]
despair the complete lack of hope. [1/2 definitions]
destructive causing complete ruin or destruction.
devastation the act or an instance of destroying or ruining, or the destruction or ruin thus caused.
develop to bring out the potential of; advance to a more complete or more effective condition. [1/6 definitions]
disaster a complete failure. [1/2 definitions]
downright complete; absolute. [1/2 definitions]
enthrall to hold the complete attention of; fascinate.
equip to provide with what is needed to complete a task.