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access to obtain or reach on a computer. [1/4 definitions]
artificial intelligence an area of computer science that explores the ability of computers to think or have intelligence. Artificial intelligence is concerned with developing computer programs or computers that seem to use reason and make decisions.
audio a particular sound recording, often giving instructions, information, or a sample of a longer recording, made to be heard on a computer or other electronic device. [1/4 definitions]
bar code a set of black bars on a white background printed on the labels of goods and mail. A bar code is scanned by a computer that reads information such as price.
BASIC a beginning computer language. BASIC stands for "beginner's all-purpose symbolic instruction code."
bit3 the smallest unit of information in a computer.
boot to start up by loading the operating system of or giving the first instructions to a computer. [1/4 definitions]
calculator a machine or computer application used in calculating or computing numbers.
catalog the book, booklet, or computer file that contains such a list. [1/2 definitions]
CAT scan an image of an area of the body that is formed from a grouping of x-rays on a computer. CAT scans are used to make a diagnosis in medical treatment. CAT stands for computerized axial tomography.
command an instruction given to a computer using the keyboard. [1/7 definitions]
compute to figure out or determine by using a computer. [1/2 definitions]
computer graphics images produced by a computer than can be displayed on the screen or printed.
computer lab a room where there are many computers. Computer labs are often found in schools and libraries and can usually be used for free.
computer language a system of words and symbols that is used to program a computer; code. There are hundreds of computer languages, such as C, Cheetah, and JavaScript.
computer virus a code added to a computer program that can attach itself to and seriously damage other programs.
cursor a movable marker on a computer screen. The cursor shows where to click on an icon or where letters or numbers can be typed in.
database a large collection of information in a computer. In a database, information is arranged so that it can be quickly changed or searched through.
dialog box a window that appears on a computer screen to ask for information from the person using the computer.
dictionary a book, or a source of information found on a computer, that lists the words of a language in alphabetical order, along with information about their meaning, spelling, and pronunciation.
disc2 a thin, round plate used to record data entered on a computer. Disks are often contained within a plastic case. [1/3 definitions]