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bet to feel sure or confident without knowing (something) as a fact. [1/4 definitions]
certainty the state of being sure or confident. [1/2 definitions]
convinced confident in one's belief about something.
jaunty having a light manner; lively and confident.
poise the ability to act in a calm and confident manner. [1/4 definitions]
smug confident of or satisfied with oneself to the point of annoying other people; complacent.
stalk2 to walk in a stiff, confident, often threatening, manner. [1/2 definitions]
timid not bold or confident with other people; shy. [1/2 definitions]
uneasy not confident in manner; awkward. [1/2 definitions]
will1 used to make a confident statement or prediction about something, even though the facts are not actually known. [1/6 definitions]