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arena an area of activity or conflict. [1/3 definitions]
at war in a state of active fighting or conflict.
climax the point at which a conflict reaches a crisis in a work of literature. [1/2 definitions]
contradictory being in conflict with or opposite to something else or each other. [1/2 definitions]
disagree to be in a state of unhappy or angry conflict because of different opinions. [1/3 definitions]
discord lack of agreement or harmony among people or things; conflict. [1/2 definitions]
encounter to meet in battle or conflict. [1/4 definitions]
friction disagreement between people or groups of people; conflict. [1/3 definitions]
get along to be friendly; have a relationship without conflict. [1/2 definitions]
peace a state of freedom from war or conflict. [1/3 definitions]
peaceful free from war or conflict. [1/2 definitions]
resolution a solution or end to an argument or other conflict. [1/4 definitions]
warfare fighting; conflict. [1/2 definitions]