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battle a contest or competition. [1/4 definitions]
bench to remove from or prevent from playing in a sports contest. [1/4 definitions]
challenge an invitation to enter into a fight or other contest of skill. [2/6 definitions]
champion a person or animal that has taken first place in a contest or game; winner. [1/3 definitions]
compete to take part in a contest or game. [1/2 definitions]
competition a contest or game. [1/2 definitions]
contestant someone who takes part in a contest; competitor.
cup a fancy metal cup that is given to the winner of a contest or game. [1/5 definitions]
decathlon an athletic contest made up of ten different track and field events. Each athlete takes part in all ten events, over a period of two days.
draw a game or contest that ends with both sides having the same score; tie. [1/8 definitions]
drawing the choosing of the winning ticket in a raffle, lottery, or contest. [1/3 definitions]
entrant one who enters or takes part in a contest.
event one contest in a series of sports contests. [1/2 definitions]
final (often plural) the last sports contest in a series, played by the two best teams or players. [1/4 definitions]
finalist a person or team chosen to take part in the final game or contest of a series.
handicap an advantage or disadvantage placed on a team or player in a race or contest. This is done to give everyone an equal chance to win. [1/3 definitions]
high jump a contest in which each person jumps over a bar which is raised after each successful jump.
jackpot the largest or final prize in a game or contest.
javelin a pointed pole that looks like a spear. A javelin is thrown in an athletic contest. [1/3 definitions]
judge a person who decides the winner in a contest or competition. [1/6 definitions]
jury a group of people formed to judge a contest or competition. [1/2 definitions]