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abide to continue. [1/3 definitions]
carry on to continue to do or go on as before. [1/2 definitions]
cinder a small piece of partly burned wood or coal that can continue to burn but without a flame.
do away with to get rid of or stop; no longer continue. [1/2 definitions]
encore a request by an audience that a performance continue. [1/3 definitions]
endure to continue through time; last. [1/2 definitions]
flow a series of things, ideas, or events that continue in a steady stream. [1/4 definitions]
hold out to continue; last; endure. [1/2 definitions]
hold up to last or continue. [1/4 definitions]
inertia the tendency of an object that is not moving to remain still, or of an object that is moving to continue to move, unless something else moves or stops the object. [1/2 definitions]
keep to hold or continue to hold. [3/8 definitions]
last2 to go on through time; continue. [1/3 definitions]
live1 to continue to be in existence or be present to the memory. [1/4 definitions]
loss a failure to keep or continue. [1/5 definitions]
maintain to continue; keep in existence. [1/3 definitions]
nor used to continue or expand a negative statement. [1/2 definitions]
persist to continue in a firm, steady way without stopping or lessening. [2 definitions]
press1 to move forward; continue to move ahead (often followed by "on" or "forward"). [1/10 definitions]
pull through to continue to live in spite of a particular danger or difficulty.
remain to go on being; continue in a particular way without a change. [1/3 definitions]
renew to continue or extend for an additional period of time. [1/3 definitions]