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Arctic Circle an imaginary line drawn around the earth parallel to the equator which marks the boundary of the Arctic. North of this line there are periods of continuous night in the winter and continuous day in the summer.
belt a continuous band of heavy, flexible material used to drive a machine or carry materials. [1/3 definitions]
endless without ends; continuous. [1/2 definitions]
hum to vibrate with a continuous low sound. [1/4 definitions]
murmur to make a soft, muffled, continuous sound. [1/2 definitions]
solid without a break; continuous. [1/8 definitions]
sound2 continuous and deep. [1/4 definitions]
stretch a continuous area or distance. [2/13 definitions]
tank a large vehicle used by the military that has armor and heavy guns. A tank moves on two continuous metal belts instead of wheels. [1/3 definitions]