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banter joking, clever conversation. [1/2 definitions]
buttonhole to stop and force one's conversation upon [1/2 definitions]
chat a friendly conversation. [1/2 definitions]
informal used in a relaxed way in everyday conversation or in casual writing. [1/2 definitions]
interview a conversation between a reporter and a person who will be the subject of the report, or the report itself. [1/3 definitions]
murmur a sound that is soft, muffled, and ongoing, like the sound made by quiet conversation. [1/2 definitions]
parlor a room in a house, hotel, restaurant, or the like for conversation or for entertaining guests. [1/2 definitions]
slang very informal speech that is made up of new words, or new meanings of old words. Slang is not appropriate for serious conversation or writing.
speak to take part in conversation. [1/7 definitions]
talk the act of talking; conversation. [1/7 definitions]
topic a subject of discussion or conversation.
well1 used during a pause in a conversation, or as the start of a sentence. [1/12 definitions]