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ape to imitate or copy. [1/2 definitions]
copy to make a copy of. [1/5 definitions]
counterfeit to make a copy of in order to cheat people. [1/3 definitions]
duplicate something that is an exact copy of something else. [2/4 definitions]
facsimile an exact copy or duplicate of something printed or of a picture. [1/2 definitions]
fake to make a false copy of. [1/5 definitions]
fax a paper copy that is produced by a fax machine. [1/3 definitions]
imitate to copy the actions of; try to be like. [2 definitions]
imitation a copy of something else; likeness. [1/3 definitions]
impersonate to copy the appearance and actions of; pretend to be.
letter to draw, copy, or write with letters. [1/3 definitions]
mimic to copy or imitate. [1/3 definitions]
mockingbird a gray and white North American songbird. It has many different calls and can also copy the sounds that other birds make.
model a small exact copy of something, often used as a guide to making the thing in full size. [1/10 definitions]
original first; not a copy; real. [3/6 definitions]
pirate to copy or use in a way that breaks the law or is wrong. [1/3 definitions]
plate a flat piece of metal or other material that is engraved and used to make printed copies; the copy or picture made from this. [1/5 definitions]
print to copy by transferring ink to a surface using mechanical pressure. [1/8 definitions]
print-out a printed paper copy from a computer.
print out to produce a copy on paper, by means of a computer printer.
real1 not a copy; genuine. [1/2 definitions]