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boll the seed pod of plants, such as cotton.
boll weevil a small beetle with a gray body and a long snout. It lays eggs in the seed pods of the cotton plant where they hatch and cause much damage to crops.
calico a woven cotton cloth with a bright printed pattern. [1/3 definitions]
canvas heavy, strong cloth made of cotton, linen, or hemp. [1/2 definitions]
cloth material made by weaving threads of cotton, wool, nylon, or other fibers; fabric. [1/2 definitions]
cotton thread or cloth made from cotton fibers. [2/5 definitions]
cottonwood a North American tree of the poplar family. Cottonwoods grow quickly and bear seeds surrounded by fiber that looks like cotton. [1/2 definitions]
denim a strong cotton cloth used in clothing. [1/2 definitions]
dungaree a heavy cotton fabric; blue denim. [1/3 definitions]
flannel a soft material made of wool or cotton. Flannel is used for warm clothing and bed covers, among other things.
gauze thin cotton cloth used to cover a wound. [1/2 definitions]
gin2 a machine for removing the seeds from raw cotton; cotton gin.
gingham a strong cotton cloth that often has a pattern, such as checks or stripes.
holland linen or cotton cloth, often glazed, used to make window shades, upholstery, and clothing.
jean pants made from a heavy, often blue, cotton cloth.
mattress a large pad that supports the body while sleeping, made of a strong fabric filled with soft material such as cotton, hair, straw, or foam rubber.
muslin a sturdy cotton cloth used for sheets and clothing.
plantation a large farm or estate used for growing rubber, cotton, or other crops to sell.
quilt a bed covering made of two layers of material that are filled with feathers, wool, cotton, or other soft materials. The layers are stitched together so that the stitches make patterns on the cloth. [1/3 definitions]
sheet1 a large piece of cotton or linen cloth used to cover a bed. [1/3 definitions]
thread a fine cord used in sewing, weaving, and the like. Thread is usually made of two or more fibers such as cotton twisted together. [1/7 definitions]