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adjourn to stop the process of a formal meeting or court session, often with the intention of starting again at another time.
alimony money that a court orders one member of a divorced couple to pay to the other.
appeal a request that a higher court hear a case. An appeal is made after one has lost a case in a lower court. [2/6 definitions]
attorney a person whose job is to give legal advice and to speak for people in court; lawyer.
bail1 money left with a court to make sure that a person who is set free after arrest will return for trial. [1/3 definitions]
basketball a game played on a court by two teams of five players each. Points are scored by shooting the ball through a high metal hoop and net at the opponent's end of the court. [1/2 definitions]
case1 a charge or complaint against someone that is investigated in a court of law; a lawsuit. [1/5 definitions]
center a player who is in a middle position on a playing field or court. [1/7 definitions]
chamber (plural) a judge's office, where people can discuss matters not to be heard in open court. [1/5 definitions]
civil service any branch of government that is not part of the legislature, court system, or the military.
counsel a lawyer or group of lawyers hired to give legal advice or to speak for one in court. [1/3 definitions]
defendant a person who is accused or sued in a court of law.
find to come to a decision in a court of law. [1/6 definitions]
foul line a line on a basketball court drawn fifteen feet from the backboard. A player may shoot freely from this line when the other team commits a foul. [1/2 definitions]
hearing a session in which arguments are presented, as in a court of law. [1/4 definitions]
indict to formally accuse (someone) of a crime in a court of law after studying evidence.
jester someone hired to tell jokes in royal courts during the Middle Ages in Europe. Jesters often made fun of court life.
judge a person trained to hear and decide cases brought before a court of law. [2/6 definitions]
judicial decided in or coming from a court of law. [1/2 definitions]
jury a group of people called to a court of law who listen to the facts of a case and decide its outcome. [1/2 definitions]
justice a person whose job is to decide questions brought before a court; judge. [1/4 definitions]