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crystal made of or like crystal. [1/5 definitions]
diamond a clear mineral that is a crystal form of pure carbon. Diamonds are the hardest natural substance known. They are used in making jewelry and as tools for cutting hard materials. [1/5 definitions]
iodine a substance that is one of the chemical elements. Iodine combines easily with other elements. It is found in salt water and seaweed. Iodine is poisonous in its pure crystal form. (symbol: I) [1/2 definitions]
laser a device that makes a strong, narrow beam of light by stimulating the atoms in a gas or crystal.
prism a solid glass or crystal object that light can pass through. It has three sides that are rectangles and two ends shaped like triangles. A prism splits a ray of light into the colors of the rainbow. [1/2 definitions]
sugar a sweet substance in a crystal form that comes mainly from sugar cane and sugar beets. Sugar is used to flavor, preserve, and ferment food.
topaz a clear, crystal stone that is yellow or brown and used in jewelry.