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convention a practice or way of doing something that is accepted by most people; custom. [1/2 definitions]
conventional put in place by custom or use; traditional.
customary done as a custom; usual.
institution an established custom or law in a society. [1/2 definitions]
irregular not fitting into a standard law, method, or custom. [1/4 definitions]
memorial a ceremony, custom, building, or statue to honor a dead person or past event.
relic something that has survived from the past, such as an object or a custom.
ritual a set of actions always done in the same way, often because of custom or tradition. [1/2 definitions]
trick or treat a custom practiced at Halloween in which children visit their neighbors and say the words "trick or treat" in order to receive a treat such as candy. [1/2 definitions]
trick-or-treat to take part in the Halloween custom of visiting neighbors while wearing a costume and asking for candy or other treats by saying the words "trick or treat!"